What does "Tuning" mean?

Increased engine power output is achieved through optimization of the mixture percentage of fuel and air, and the ignition timing in the cylinder. Injector management plays a major role in this process as it controls the amount, timing and fuel pressure for the injection process.
Marine-Tuning collects data with multiple sensors, processes and optimizes the data via microprocessor and then sends it to the central system, or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which adjusts the engine actuators accordingly to guarantee an optimized combustion cycle and engine performance.

Is the fuel consumption increasing due to increased power?

Marine-Tuning’s customized software does not increase fuel consumption, regardless of engine power. The secret is increased torque.

Does tuning increase exhaust emissions?

The increase in power does not affect in exhaust emissions. Through higher torque, the engine has less internal load & stress at the same Revs compared to the pre-tuning state of operation

Why are manufacturers not delivering engines with 100% optimized software?

Manufacturers produce the exact same engine model for many different markets, therefore it is simply only adjusted to only operate on an average performance level to compensate for potentially occurring negative environmental influences, as air pollution, mediocre fuel quality and unprofessional engine operation, all very unlikely to occur in our parts of the globe.

Is there an increase in maximum speed?

Increasing power is achieved by increasing torque in the lower and middle speed range. This is why in almost all vessels on average also the highest possible speed increases *from 5 to 10 mph depending on the manufacturing tolerance of each individual engine model.

Why does it take individually adjusted software for each individual vessel (even of the same engine type)?

Field practice shows there are always minor technical deviations & characteristics in the engines of the same vessel type depending on maintenance, build number, mileage, fuel quality and owner handling and boat location.
For all of these reasons, Marine-Tuning default settings would not achieve the maximal possible improvement in engine performance.
By adjusting the our unique control software, the optimum is achieved on each individual motor. Also a huge benefit of customized tuning is that the software can be adjusted as requested by the customer.

How long the guarantee is for built additional module or software?

For original Marine Tuning Software properly installed and tuned for your engine we give a 24-month warranty.
You must have an receipt to fulfill this condition!

Are there any obvious or noticable differences between a tuned engine and a stock engine?

To the eyes of a regular manufacturer- or maintenance- technician there are no visible differences to the stock engine, and the achieved power increase would only be noticeable via an engine power testing setup, a Dyno for example.

Does the engine temperature increase?

Engine running temperature does not increase as Marine-Tuning alters injection timing, which means cleaner and cooler operation.
Because of this, the engine temperature remains the same but with more torque and power.

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